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i think about the 3d printed spider robot dancing to salsa a lot and im not sure if it’s because of the music or if it’s because of the hypnotizing dance moves
most likely both 

this is the best thing ive ever seen in my whole life

oh my god…. i was feeling down and this absolutely 100% lifted me out of it. oh my god!!!! i love him!!!!!

I forgot about salsa robot spider!!! truly a gift from on high

this seems like it would be comic relief in some horror video game or smt

(via alwaysbecket)

That moment when you finally hit send on an email and the last thing you think is “fuck it”

Slam poets on TUMBLR!


Looking for more interesting poetry/spoken word/slam/poets to follow? Here is a (large) sampling of some of the folks we follow:

Andrea Gibson

Wonder Dave

Sierra DeMulder

Will Evans

Rachel Wiley

Lauren Zuniga

Mike McGee

Michael Mlekoday

Suzi Q. Smith

Megan Falley

Miles Walser

Mahogany Browne

Rob Sturma

Katelyn Lucas (it’s a photo blog of poets in action!)

Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

Doc Luben

Rachel McKibbens

Joshua Merchant

Shayne Avec I Grec

Victor Infante


Michael Lee

Sarah Griff

Steph Holmbo

Dylan Amelia Garcia


Niccolea M Nance

Faylita Hicks

Chris Gilpin

Amy Dentata

SeeMore Perspective

Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria

Houston Hughes

Sam Sax

Denise Jolly

Nic Alea

Omar Holman

Shappy Seasholtz

Carrie Rudzinski

Kait Rokowski

Jesse Bradley

Dave Nichols

Khary Jackson (aka 6 is 9)

Nicole Homer


Zoelle Egner

Lewis Mundt

Hieu Minh Nguyen

Jessica Helen Lopez

Chad Anderson

Ashley Haze

Ellyn Touchette

T. Miller

Cecily Schuler

Kevin Kaoz

Amanda Oaks

Jeremy Radin

Jaz Sufi

Lisa Evans

Amy Beth

Tova Charles

Jason Bayani

Airea Dee Matthews

Chris Leja

Shira Erlichman

Jay Bradley

Victor Infante

Houston Hughes

James Merenda

Neil Hilborn

Melissa May-Dunn

Danez Smith

Here are a couple of Spoken Word/ Poetry Organizations Tumblr accounts:

National Poetry Slam 2014

Boston Poetry Slam

Berkeley Poetry Slam


Button Poetry

Cal Slam (University of Berkeley CA, College Slam)

Loser Slam (New Jersey)


Out Spoken

Beast Crawl (Oakland CA Literary fest!)

The Body Is not an Apology (self love org founded by Sonya Renee)

Macalester Poetry Slam

Bare hands Poetry Journal

Moon Light Owl Collective

Common Wealth Slam